Study programmes / C-EPA Economic policy and administration
Programme: C-EPA Economic policy and administration
Field of study: C-EPA-FIM Finance and Investment Management
Level of qualification:Master continuing
Mode of study: full-time
Qualification awarded:Master's degree
Specific admission requirements:Completed bachelor degree programme and entrance examination, if required.
Qualification requirements and regulations:Finished Bachelor's degree programme with bachelor diploma. Further information available here.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The recognition procedure of the university is guided by the Act No. 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and the university "Study and Examination Rules". Further information available here.
Profile of the programme:Graduates will have developed a deep professional knowledge in finance, management of commercial institutions on financial markets, and a deep knowledge of economic policy processes and European integration. Using their knowledge in the above subjects, graduates are able provide conceptual solutions to business and investment processes in financial institutions and to flexibly ensure business and investment processes. Graduates will have professional prerequisites to hold managerial positions in financial institutions, use their acquired knowledge and skills to find innovative solutions to financial decision-making problems and making strategies for investment decision-making. Graduates are able to hold discussions in Czech and English.
Key learning outcomes: to develop student´s advanced ´ knowledge of economical, managerial and social to analyse and understand economic and financial phenomena
to be responsible for financial operations, investment portfolio or funding of companies
to promote advanced methods by which economic and managerial processes are investigated, monitored and controlled
to promote sophisticated quantitative techniques to give students modern and perspective tools for decision making support
to provide students with the personal and professional skills to take part in top management of financial market participants
Occupational profile:Graduates of the program is prepared to post in financial institutions and also in other type of business and non-profit institution, mainly in banks, insurance companies, financial traders and dealer in the managerial structure of as specialists for financial tasks (portfolio investment, funding, trade with financial instrument, etc.). They could also work as independent analysts and consultants in the field of financial markets.
Graduation requirements:Min. 120 ECTS, state final exam, defence of the master's thesis.
Access to further studies:Successful graduates may proceed to doctoral study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:Further information available here.
Programme supervisor:doc. Ing. Svatopluk Kapounek, Ph.D.

To obtain 60 ECTS credits per academic year, students should choose courses from any other study programme taught at the university.

1st semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
BA2Banking IIExam5
KTCapital MarketsExam5
EKM2Econometrics IIExam5
HPOEconomic Policy IIExam4
MUCManagerial AccountingExam6
MI2Microeconomics IIExam6
2nd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
DETHistory Of Economic TheoriesExam4
MA2Intermediate MacroeconomicsExam5
MFIInternational FinanceExam5
DISMasters Thesis SeminarFulfillment of requirements2
VF2Public Finance IIExam5
3rd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
UFOAccounting of Financial InstitutionsExam5
MMFZInternational Monetary and Financial RelationsExam5
TEIACTheory of Economic and Monetary IntegrationExam6
4th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
PITInnovation Management and InvestmentExam5
PRX2Managed Practical TrainingFulfillment of requirements8
DP2Master ThesisFulfillment of requirements10
MISACMezinárodní investiční management v AJExam5
Groups of courses for the entire plan
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 8 crd.)
FU2Financial Accounting II focusing on V4 countriesExam6
HVPFirm Performance AssessmentExam5
ISFInformation Systems of Financial InstitutionsFulfillment of requirements4
UPZ1Recognized Professional Course from Study Stay 1Fulfillment of requirements999
UPZ2Recognized Professional Course from Study Stay 2Fulfillment of requirements999
UPZ3Recognized Professional Course from Study Stay 3Fulfillment of requirements999
UPZ4Recognized Professional Course from Study Stay 4Fulfillment of requirements999
UPZ5Recognized Professional Course from Study Stay 5Fulfillment of requirements999
STMStrategic ManagementExam5