Study programmes / B-HE Horticultural Engineering / Biology of the Vine p/t
Course code:KBRV
Course title in language of instruction:K-Biologie révy vinné
Course title in Czech:K-Biologie révy vinné
Course title in English:Biology of the Vine p/t
Mode of completion and number of credits:Exam (4 credits)
(1 ECTS credit = 28 hours of workload)
Mode of delivery/Timetabled classes:part-time, 8/0
(part-time, lectures per period / seminars per period)
Language of instruction:Czech
Level of course:bachelor
Semester:SS 2019/2020 - FH
Name of lecturer:prof. Ing. Pavel Pavloušek, Ph.D. (examiner, lecturer, supervisor)
Aims of the course:The aim of Biology of grapevine is to introduce students to the basic structure of the genus Vitis L. Morphological description vine is a basic growing quality grapevine and grape production. Relationship between morphology and physiology of the vine, then provides quality grapegrowing.
Course contents:
1.Systematic of genus Vitis L. (allowance 2/0)
a.Genus Vitis L.
b.Characteristic of species with importance for viticulture.
c.Use the knowledges of classification of grapevine in practical viticulture

2.Morphology of grapevine (allowance 2/0)
a.Use the knowledges of morphological structures of grapevine in practical viticulture.
b.Relationsships between different parts of vine in relation to the integrity of the plant.

3.Physiology of grapevine (allowance 2/0)
a.Photosynthesis and importance for grape quality.
b.Assimilation of grape stock.
c.Importance of physiological processes in plants for grapes quality.

4.Excursion to wine subregions in the Czech Republic (allowance 0/2)

Learning outcomes and competences:
Generic competences:
-ability to analyse and synthesize
-ability to apply knowledge
-ability to solve problems
-capacity to learn
-professional knowledge
-quality concept awareness

Specific competences:
-Ability to apply knowledge in practice
-Analysis and synthesis of soil-plant-atmosphere with emphasis on weather and climate
-Exploitation and processing of technical information
-Knowledge of morphology and physiology of grapevine

Type of course unit:required
Year of study:Not applicable - the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.
Work placement:There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.
Recommended study modules:none
Assessment methods:Prerequisite course completion is mandatory participation in seminars.The course is completed a written and oral exam. The written part includes answers to the two questions in the duration of 45 minutes. After passing a written test is stamped.
Learning activities and study load (hours of study load)
Type of teaching methodCombined form
Direct teaching
     lecture6 h
     professional educational excursion2 h
     preparation for exam84 h
     preparation for regular assessment20 h
Total112 h

Basic reading list
  • ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, K A. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology of the Grapevine. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Press, 2001. 23 p. ISBN 0-7923-6949-1.
  • PAVLOUŠEK, P. Pěstování révy vinné - Moderní vinohradnictví. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing a.s., 2011. 333 p. 1. ISBN 978-80-247-3314-2.
  • JACKSON, R S. Wine science: principles and applications. 3rd ed. Burlington: Elsevier Acad. Press, 2008. 747 p. ISBN 978-0-12-373646-8.
  • PAVLOUŠEK, P. Sortiment odrůd révy vinné – Podpořeno projektem OPVK CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0220 online.  [online]. 2014. URL: