Study programmes / C-HOE Horticultural Engineering
Programme: C-HOE Horticultural Engineering
Field of study: C-HOE-IMHS International Master of Horticulture Science
Level of qualification:Master continuing
Mode of study: full-time
Qualification awarded:Master's degree
Specific admission requirements:Completed bachelor degree programme and entrance examination, if required.
Qualification requirements and regulations:Finished Bachelor's degree programme with bachelor diploma. Further information available here.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The recognition procedure of the university is guided by the Act No. 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and the university "Study and Examination Rules". Further information available here.
Profile of the programme:The international study programme “International Master of Horticultural Science” is focused, within the framework of a joint tuition plan implemented in cooperation with partner institutions, on the education and training of students for their future activities in spheres of management, trade, and services as well as in governmental services at the European level. In the course of their studies, students can get a certain level of specialisation on the base of passing through both obligatory and voluntary courses that have been selected with regard to current trends in modern European horticultural production. As a segment of special agricultural production, the field of studies “Horticulture” involves the horticultural industry in its complete scope and professional specialisations at the level of the master degree.
Occupational profile:The main goal of studies is to inform students about the current situation in the field of horticultural production with regard to is international aspects and to prepare graduated experts capable of application of gained knowledge in domains of both theory and practice. The key advantage of students in this study programme will be their good orientation in the European horticultural industry that they will acquire during their study stays at partner universities in different countries. Within the framework of studies, great stress will be laid on the current problems of modern horticulture that concern above all domains of vegetable production, pomiculture, viticulture, greenhouse production, plant biotechnologies, storage of horticultural product, their quality etc. The central point of this study programme will be the elaboration of a diploma thesis, in which students will have a chance to specialize themselves and investigate a certain, concrete part of the horticultural industry. Thanks to facultative subjects, students will be able to extend their knowledge about many other different parts of the horticultural production that will be involved in a complex manner into this study programme.
Graduation requirements:Min. 120 ECTS, state final exam, defence of the master's thesis.
Access to further studies:Successful graduates may proceed to doctoral study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:Further information available here.
Programme supervisor:doc. Mgr. Miroslav Baránek, Ph.D.

To obtain 60 ECTS credits per academic year, students should choose courses from any other study programme taught at the university.

1st semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
There are no recommended subjects in this semester.
2nd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
HOEARBTHOE Applied Plant BiotechnologyExam6
HOESOVHOE Fruit StorageExam6
HOEVINHOE OenologyExam6
HOESVPHOE Sophisticated Vegetable ProductionExam5
HOEPPEHOE Stone Fruit ProductionExam6
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 1 cours.)
HOEZMIIHOE Horticultural MechanizationExam5
HOETODHOE Technology of Fruit DistillatesExam4
3rd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
There are no recommended subjects in this semester.
4th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
HOEDPHOE Diploma ProjectFulfillment of requirements20