Study programmes / B-FOR Forestry
Programme: B-FOR Forestry
Field of study: B-FOR-FOR Forestry
Level of qualification:Bachelor
Mode of study: full-time
Qualification awarded:Bachelor's degree
Specific admission requirements:Completed secondary education and entrance examination, if required.
Qualification requirements and regulations:Finished secondary education with school leaving certificate. Further information available here.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The recognition procedure of the university is guided by the Act No. 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and the university "Study and Examination Rules". Further information available here.
Profile of the programme:The key audience is the discharge profile of basic and applied scientific disciplines, based on the concept of ecological forest, including Silviculture, integrated forest protection and natural environment, hunting, Forest Management, engineering and technology, production processes, evaluation and use of natural resources and forest economy economy. Potential employers of graduates are entities that manage public and private forest properties, businesses, governments, management of national parks and protected areas, etc.
Key learning outcomes: Skilled at utilizing and processing information
Capacity to adapt to new situations
Ability to communicate with professionals in different field of study
Ability to analyse and synthesize
Ability to apply of branch knowledge for solutions of practice forestry problems
Ability to work independently
Competence of basic digital spatial data processing
Quality concept awareness
Professional knowledge
Occupational profile:Students will gain a grounding in basic and applied sciences that consider the forest as an ecological system, including phytosociology and forest typology, silviculture, integrated forest protection and environmental protection, game management, forest management, technology and mechanization in forestry, valuation of natural resources, and forestry economics. For graduates, there is a wide range of potential employers both in public and private forestry companies, entrepreneurial companies, forest inventory offices, state administration, national park and protected landscape area authorities, public benefit and non-profit environmental and nature conservation organizations, research institutes, cadastral offices, educational sector, etc. The course is subject to accreditation which gives its holder the right to conduct business and entrepreneurial activities as an authorized engineer and constructor in the field of the Constructions Fulfilling the Forest Functions.
Graduation requirements:Min. 180 ECTS, state final exam, defence of the bachelor thesis.
Access to further studies:Successful graduates may proceed to master's study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:Further information available here.
Programme supervisor:prof. Ing. Otakar Holuša, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

To obtain 60 ECTS credits per academic year, students should choose courses from any other study programme taught at the university.

1st semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
KG-LConstructive GeometryFulfillment of requirements3
LHYDForest HydrologyExam4
LBOTOGeneral Forest Botany with Introduction to GeneticsExam4
ZVMTIntroduction to Higher MathematicsExam5
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 1 cours.)
AJSP1English Course 1Fulfillment of requirements1
NJSP1German - Course 1Fulfillment of requirements1
2nd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
CEAApplied ChemistryFulfillment of requirements4
EKLHEconomics in ForestryExam5
LZEForest Zoology and EntomologyExam4
PRX1Practical Training IFulfillment of requirements2
PEDOLSoil ScienceExam5
LBOTSSpecial Forest BotanyExam5
TMKITechnical and Construction MechanicsExam4
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 1 cours.)
AJSP2English Course 2Exam2
NJSP2German Course 2Exam2
3rd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
ZTBasics of TechnologyExam4
ERBOErgonomics and Occupational SafetyFulfillment of requirements3
LFARForest Pathology and Phytosanitary RegulationsExam5
LEXForestry XylologyExam5
MSLGame ManagementExam5
GISGeoinformation SystemsExam5
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 1 cours.)
OJAIEnglish for Specific Purpose 1Fulfillment of requirements1
OJNIGerman for Specific Purpose 1Fulfillment of requirements1
4th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
DENDLDendrology and Ecology of Forest TreesExam5
LFATForestry Phytosociology and TypologyExam5
GLPEGeodesy in Forestry and Land RecordsExam5
ZOLIntroduction to Forest ProtectionExam5
PRX2Practical TrainingFulfillment of requirements3
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 1 cours.)
OAJZEnglish for Specific Purpose 2Exam2
ONJZGerman for Specific Purpose 2Exam2
5th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
ZAKEstablishment of ForestsExam5
EKLForest EcologyExam4
PNLSLegislative Norms in ForestryExam3
HINFLManagement InformaticsExam4
DMUManagerial AccountingExam5
ZLSOpening-up of ForestsExam4
TTLSTechnology in ForestryFulfillment of requirements4
6th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
BP1Bachelor ThesisFulfillment of requirements10
ZPTDDBasic Processes of Extraction and Transport TimberExam5
HULSForest ManagementExam5
Groups of courses for the entire plan
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 7 crd.)
SPLGAdministrative LegislationFulfillment of requirements3
CEASApplied Chemistry - SeminarFulfillment of requirements2
APEDApplied Soil ScienceFulfillment of requirements3
DCHDendrochronologyFulfillment of requirements3
DENDendronicsFulfillment of requirements3
EZEcology of AnimalsFulfillment of requirements3
ECHZEcology of Game ManagementFulfillment of requirements3
VOPKEducation for Landscape and Nature ConservationFulfillment of requirements3
GEPREnvironmental GeochemistryFulfillment of requirements3
LSPDForest EducationFulfillment of requirements3
LSLPForest Seed Management and Logistics of Nursery ProductionFulfillment of requirements3
LTZOForest Site Classification Basics for Forest ProtectionFulfillment of requirements3
LEVForests of EuropeFulfillment of requirements3
GEOBGeobiocoenology and Landscape EcologyFulfillment of requirements3
GPZPGeoinformatics for Final ThesisFulfillment of requirements3
HTLTHarvester Technologies in Thinnings and Regeneration FellingsFulfillment of requirements3
MLPHunting LegislationFulfillment of requirements3
MSPHunting PractiseFulfillment of requirements3
HSLSHydraulic Systems of Forest MachinesFulfillment of requirements3
PMPChainsaw OperationFulfillment of requirements3
MPZManagement of game populationsFulfillment of requirements3
PLVMinor Forest ProduceFulfillment of requirements3
RASELPeats, Their Utilization and Protection of DepositsFulfillment of requirements3
PPSMProduction of Bare-rooted Planting StockFulfillment of requirements3
PKSMProduction of Containerized Planting StockFulfillment of requirements3
PSSMProduction of Special Planting StockFulfillment of requirements3
PSVZProduction of Vegetative Planting StockFulfillment of requirements3
OPELProtection of Environment and Environmental LegislationFulfillment of requirements3
OPLHSoil Protection in ForestryFulfillment of requirements3
ANDStatistics for Final ThesesFulfillment of requirements3
OBDRTrade in TimberFulfillment of requirements3
OCZValuation of Natural Renewable ResourcesFulfillment of requirements3
VDSWater Management StructuresFulfillment of requirements3
PLRWoodland Reserves TreatmentFulfillment of requirements3
MPPBWork and Fire Safety ManagementFulfillment of requirements3