Study programmes / B-PPR Plant Protection / Business Economics
Course code:EKO
Course title in language of instruction:Podniková ekonomika
Course title in Czech:Podniková ekonomika
Course title in English:Business Economics
Mode of completion and number of credits:Exam (5 credits)
(1 ECTS credit = 28 hours of workload)
Mode of delivery/Timetabled classes:full-time, 2/2
(full-time, hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Language of instruction:Czech
Level of course:bachelor
Semester:WS 2019/2020 - FA
Name of lecturer:Ing. Andrea Masařová (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Jan Vavřina, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
Aims of the course:It is provided a knowledge framework of business economics area for students of this subject regarding to an intention for provision of managerial functions within respective areas of business activities. Studying of this subject interconnects knowledge bases from respective business areas, specifically then areas as typology of business entities, financial and assets structure, categories of profit and its functions, cash flow and investment development of business entities.
Course contents:
1.Introduction to Economics (allowance 2/0)
2.Basic theory of the market (allowance 2/0)
3.The role of a firm in a market economy, forms of enterprises or business organizations (allowance 2/0)
4.Assets of a firm, its structure and methods of its valuation (allowance 2/0)
5.Income and Expenditure connected with the formation of a firm's financial results (allowance 2/10)
6.The role of price in market economy, formation and regulation of prices (allowance 2/0)
7.Determination and distribution of financial results of a firm (allowance 2/4)
8.Taxation and the economic activities of a firm (allowance 2/0)
9.Financial base of a firm and its allocation in assets (allowance 2/2)
10.Turnover of financial resources /cash and cash flow of a firm (allowance 2/2)
11.Fundamental analysis of the financial situation of a firm (allowance 2/4)
12.Financial decision from the entrepreneur's point of view (allowance 2/2)
13.Valuation of economic effectiveness of investments (allowance 4/4)

Learning outcomes and competences:
Generic competences:
-ability to analyse and synthesize
-ability to organize and plan ahead
-ability to solve problems
-capacity to adapt to new situations
-general knowledge
-resolve to succeed

Specific competences:
-Knowledge discovery and distribution of the financial performance of the company
-Knowledge of income and expense creating contexts financial performance of the company
-Knowledge of the financial side of the business decisions
-The ability to actively influencing of company economic result
-The ability to suggesting of solution in economic area of company

Type of course unit:required
Year of study:Not applicable - the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.
Work placement:There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.
Recommended study modules:none
Assessment methods:Final evaluation and assessment of the student will include the results of the final exams and the results from the seminar work.
Learning activities and study load (hours of study load)
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     lecture28 h
     practice28 h
     consultation4 h
     preparation for exam40 h
     preparation for regular assessment20 h
     elaboration of reports20 h
Total140 h

Basic reading list
  • KISLINGEROVÁ, E. -- SYNEK, M. Podniková ekonomika. 6., přepracované a doplněné vydání. Praha: C.H. Beck, 2015. 526 p. ISBN 978-80-7400-274-8.
  • MARTINOVIČOVÁ, D. -- KONEČNÝ, M. -- VAVŘINA, J. Úvod do podnikové ekonomiky. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing, 2014. 208 p. ISBN 978-80-247-5316-4.
Recommended reading list
  • VEBER, J. -- SRPOVÁ, J. et al. Podnikání malé a střední firmy. 3rd ed. Praha: Grada, 2012. 332 p. Expert. ISBN 978-80-247-4520-6.