Study programmes / B-PPR Plant Protection / Mathematics - seminary
Course code:MTS
Course title in language of instruction:Matematika - seminář
Course title in Czech:Matematika - seminář
Course title in English:Mathematics - seminary
Mode of completion and number of credits:Fulfillment of requirements (2 credits)
(1 ECTS credit = 28 hours of workload)
Mode of delivery/Timetabled classes:full-time, 0/2
(full-time, hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Language of instruction:Czech
Level of course:bachelor
Semester:SS 2018/2019 - FA
Name of lecturer:Mgr. Alice Králová (examiner, instructor)
RNDr. Ludmila Stará (examiner, instructor, supervisor)
Prerequisites:not Bachelor State Examination or not (Aplied Mathematics I) or not (Mathematics) or not Rudiments of Higher Mathematics or not (Mathematics)
Aims of the course:Developing the knowledge and skills of elementary functions and solving equations and inequalities. Consolidation the basic mathematical skills. Strenghtening the capacity to solve problems in other subjects.
Course contents:
1.Mathematical logic (allowance 0/1)
2.Number sets and their characteristics (allowance 0/2)
3.Elementary functions (allowance 0/4)
4.Algebraic expressions simplification (allowance 0/4)
5.Solving equations (allowance 0/4)
6.Solving inequalities (allowance 0/4)
7.Fundamentals of analytic geometry in the plane (allowance 0/1)
8.Fundamentals of differential calculus (allowance 0/4)

Learning outcomes and competences:
Generic competences:
-ability to analyse and synthesize
-ability to solve problems
-ability to work independently
-general knowledge

Specific competences:
-A better understanding of the functions of one variable, their properties and graphs
-Ability to solve linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities and their systems
-Developing abstract thinking on the study of mathematical structures
-Developing calculating skills
-Knowledge of mathematical logic

Type of course unit:optional
Year of study:Not applicable - the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.
Work placement:There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.
Recommended study modules:none
Assessment methods:The course is completed by the credit. To obtain the credit it is necessary to receive at least 50% points from the final written test.
Learning activities and study load (hours of study load)
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     practice28 h
     preparation for regular testing28 h
Total56 h

Basic reading list
Recommended reading list
  • POLÁK, J. Přehled středoškolské matematiky. 8th ed. Praha: Prometheus, 2005. 608 p. ISBN 80-7196-267-8.
  • RÁDL, P. -- ČERNÁ, B. -- STARÁ, L. Základy vyšší matematiky. 3rd ed. Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2014. 176 p. ISBN 978-80-7509-110-9.
  • STARÁ, L. Materiály pro výuku.  [online]. 2009. URL: