Study programmes / C-AP Animal Breeding
Programme: C-AP Animal Breeding
Field of study: C-AP-AN Animal Nutrition
Level of qualification:Master continuing
Mode of study: full-time
Qualification awarded:Master's degree
Specific admission requirements:Completed bachelor degree programme and entrance examination, if required.
Qualification requirements and regulations:Finished Bachelor's degree programme with bachelor diploma. Further information available here.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The recognition procedure of the university is guided by the Act No. 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and the university "Study and Examination Rules". Further information available here.
Profile of the programme:Feed industry program is designed for students who not only wish to further deepen their general knowledge of animal production, but also want to attain an in-depth knowledge about animal nutrition, principles of dietetics, and the influence of nutrition and breeding technology on livestock health and performance. During the master's program, the students get acquainted in detail with modern nutrition management for various livestock categories, and with the basic legislative directives and regulations of the EU and Czech Republic that concern the issue of balanced diet with regard tosafe and healthy food production; they will master the principles of good manufacturing practice not in terms of manufacturing feed, but also in terms of its the storage. Great attention is paid to the environmental issues connected with the production and storage of feed and feed mixtures . In this master's program, students are educated in all major zootechnical disciplines, animal hygiene, veterinary prevention, and principles of modern corporate management, but they also acquire knowledge in the area of animal feed consulting and get acquainted with the principles of processing animal products.
Key learning outcomes: Graduates are acquainted with general management work on field of feedstuffs production and processing, of family farm management, of advisory services and government institution work.
Absolvent of this program can obtain knowledge and skills on field of feedstuffs production, forage and concentrates conservation, storing and feedstuffs preserving, as well as on field of hydro-thermal, chemical, biological and physical feedstuffs treatments.
Graduates have knowledge about ration optimization, feed mixture preparation, balance of feedstuffs requirements in ruminants, pigs, horses and poultry production, as well as in other less common animal production including pets.
Absolvent can fulfill requirements on middle and high level management of feed production companies, feed processing companies and on employees working with feed additives and supplements (according to European Parliament and Counil Direction No. 1831/2003).
Absolvent can purchase, import and sell feedstuffs in conventional and organic animal production systems. He can use knowledge and skills in research, education and governmental institution work.
Occupational profile:After successfully graduating from the university the students of animal nutrition are able to find jobs not only in various agricultural and trading companies, in specialised nutrition companies and in research institutes but also in the state administration, private companies and international companies.
Graduation requirements:Min. 120 ECTS, state final exam, defence of the master's thesis.
Access to further studies:Successful graduates may proceed to doctoral study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:Further information available here.
Programme supervisor:prof. MVDr. Ing. Petr Doležal, CSc.

To obtain 60 ECTS credits per academic year, students should choose courses from any other study programme taught at the university.

1st semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
MNGBusiness ManagementExam5
MIKRMMicroscopy feedExam3
KSKPreservation and Storage of ForageExam6
PSHZ1Production Systems in Animal Production 1Exam6
2nd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
SSKMachinery and Structures for Fodder IndustryExam4
VKDZNutrition and feeding of Companion AnimalsExam4
VKNZNutrition and Feeding of Nonruminant AnimalsExam6
VKPZNutrition and Feeding of ruminantsExam6
PRAXDVocational Practice (4 weeks)Fulfillment of requirements4
3rd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
KRPOAnimal Nutrition Advisory ServicesExam11
KESWFeed Industry and Experimental SoftwareExam6
KRSMFeed MixturesExam5
4th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
FU1Accounting 1Exam5
DPDiploma thesisFulfillment of requirements20
ZHPCZZoohygiene and Disease Prevention 2Exam8
Groups of courses for the entire plan
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 3 cours.)
DTMZAgriculture subsidies in Czech RepublicExam5
OTAJVKEnglish for specific PurposeExam3
RLZDHuman Resources ManagementExam4
RVAKRNutrition and Feeding of FishExam6
CBIVYZNutrition BiochemistryExam6
PALUKPasture and Grazing ManagamentExam5
ZVCLPrinciples of Human NutritionExam5