Study programmes / C-PM Plant Protection
Programme: C-PM Plant Protection
Field of study: C-PM-PM Plant Protection
Level of qualification:Master continuing
Mode of study: full-time
Qualification awarded:Master's degree
Specific admission requirements:Completed bachelor degree programme and entrance examination, if required.
Qualification requirements and regulations:Finished Bachelor's degree programme with bachelor diploma. Further information available here.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The recognition procedure of the university is guided by the Act No. 111/1998 on Higher Education Institutions and the university "Study and Examination Rules". Further information available here.
Profile of the programme:Students will gain knowledge in all areas of integrated pest management of field and garden crops, ornamental plants and forest trees. They will be familiar with the range of economically important and potentially dangerous pests and diseases and their signs and symptoms. They will gain knowledge of plant laws and regulations relating to the protection of plants. Graduate will be able to perform accurate detection and determination of pathogens, pests and weeds, current diagnostic methods, will be able to decide on the effective and efficient use of methods of integrated pest management and plant health issues assessed in terms of their impact on animal and human health.
Key learning outcomes: The graduates have knowledge in all areas of integrated protection of field and garden plants, decorative plants and forest tree species.
The graduates are acquainted with a range of economically significant and potentially dangerous pests and pathogens and with their characteristics and manifestations.
They have knowledge in plant protection legislature and regulations.
The graduates are able to strictly detect and determine the pathogens, pests and weeds using modern diagnostic methods.
The graduates are ready to decide on purposeful and effective use of integrated plant protection methods and to review the questions of plant health from the point of view of their impact on the health of people and animals.
Occupational profile:The graduates are equipped with a whole set of knowledge and skills that are necessary to do managing jobs in state administration, institutions and agricultural companies and services, research institutes and companies dealing with plant cultivations, including the demand for a professional competency to carry out entrepreneurial business in the field of plant protection.
Graduation requirements:Min. 120 ECTS, state final exam, defence of the master's thesis.
Access to further studies:Successful graduates may proceed to doctoral study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:Further information available here.
Programme supervisor:prof. Ing. Radovan Pokorný, Ph.D.

To obtain 60 ECTS credits per academic year, students should choose courses from any other study programme taught at the university.

1st semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
CHOKRDiseases of Ornamental PlantsExam5
SHPPFertilisation Systems of Field CropsExam5
OZAOrnamental HorticultureExam6
SLRPlant BreedingExam6
2nd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
CHSDDiseases and Pests of Woody PlantsExam5
EPGREpidemiology and gradologyExam6
SOKRLPests of Ornamental PlantsExam5
STZPDStatistical processing of dataExam4
PRAXDVocational Practice (4 weeks)Fulfillment of requirements4
REPLWeed RegulationExam4
3rd semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
MNGBusiness ManagementExam5
GBOCHGenetical and Biological Protection of GMOExam6
IDASInformation and Data SystemsExam5
4th semester
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of required courses
DPDiploma thesisFulfillment of requirements20
OZPRLEnvironmental Protection in PlantmedicineExam4
IORIntegrated Plant ProtectionExam6
Groups of courses for the entire plan
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of elective courses (necessary to accomplish min. 4 cours.)
ZAGEElements of GenomicsExam4
PTEPGrowing technical and specialty cropsExam4
RLZDHuman Resources ManagementExam4
CHEPORChemical Agents for Plant ProtectionExam5
PFRPathologic Physiology of PlantsExam4
SYRVPlant Production SystemsExam5
PRZEPrecision AgricultureExam5
OSEZProtection in Organic Farming SystemsExam5
KZPSoil MicrobiologyExam6
VIBAVirology and BacteriologyExam6